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Spiced Tea No.5 - Royal Thailand 60g [Golden Turmeric, Coconut & Mint]

Spiced Tea No.5 - Royal Thailand 60g [Golden Turmeric, Coconut & Mint]

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  • Only organic botanical used
  • No added flavourings and colourings (even natural ones)
  • Non-Caffeinated

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The health benefits of turmeric have been recorded for centuries. From anti-inflammatory properties, digestive, and antioxidants benefits, it has been documented that health attributes are linked to prolong consumption. 

Golden spiced tea inspired by Thai desserts. The combination of the healing golden turmeric, creamy coconut, invigorating mint, and warm spices originated from the Spice Trade from India, makes this tea a healthy indulgent that is suitable as an all-day drink. This tea requires long brewing time.

Flavour Description

Slight citrusy earthiness and creamy front note, followed by sweet warm spices (cinnamon) and a hint of mint. 

Ingredient List
Organic Coconut, Organic Spices (Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Allspice, Clove, Ginger, Fennel Seed, Black Peppercorn, Aniseed), Organic Botanicals (Peppermint Leaf, Licorice Root)

Servings per Packet
25 - 30 cups (200mL)

Recommended Brew Method

  1. Use 1 - 1.5 teaspoon of tea per cup.
  2. Add boiling water.
  3. Steep for 7-10 mins. 
  4. Enjoy on its own, or add a bit or nutmilk (macadamia milk is great!)
  5. Enjoy it COLD with crushed pineapples, or watermelon juice.

Countries of Origin

Thailand, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa

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