About us

Flora Day Organic Tea. Energising, non-caffeinated

Taste Kaleidoscope acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia. We also acknowledge the Gadigal of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of this place we now call Sydney. We give thanks and pay our respects to Elders, past and present, the Dreaming, and the traditional wisdom that has been passed down through time. 

Who is Taste Kaleidoscope?

Taste Kaleidoscope is the botanical workshop of Kuan Chen and Shane Connor.

They work with botanicals from Australia and around the world - herbs, flowers, roots, seeds and spices - to create modern takes on traditional recipes from ancient cultures.

What is Taste Kaleidoscope?

Taste Kaleidoscope Teas are a new range of exotic pure teas, blended spiced chais and herbal tisanes crafted from pure botanicals.

"When botanicals themselves already have so much to offer, why pay for laboratory made teas?"

Organic Persian spiced tea with rose, cardamom and black tea

Our Unique Mission

- Thrive on creating the purest, and new, taste sensations 
- To be Free of additives, including flavourings, colourings, e-numbers, and extracts
- Being organic, wild-foraged and sourced from micro-farms

New Taste Creations

Through each of our new discoveries of unique and interesting edible plants, we hope to take you on a flavour journey of nature's botanical offerings through different cultures and time.

We thrive on bringing luxurious taste creations to you from our tea house in Sydney, Australia. 


Why no flavourings and additives?
In an era where artificial is normal and food manufacturers create flavours and tastes at the push of a button, Taste Kaleidoscope is here to bring Australians back to the romantic authenticity of nature.

Many teas and drinks in the market claim to be natural. However when you look at the ingredient list, it soon becomes obvious that flavourings and colourings are often used.

These flavourings, artificial or natural, are made in laboratories. When botanicals themselves already have so much to offer, why pay for laboratory made teas?

At Taste Kaleidoscope, we believe that indulgence should be as true to nature as possible.

Ginger Honeybush Herbal Tea. Warming, Soothing and Fortifying. Non-caffeinated

Why go "organic"?
At Taste Kaleidoscope, we support eco-friendly sustainable farming practices, such as no pesticides, non-GMO and environmentally friendly fertilisers. 

Sourcing organic means that a lot of these parameters are met. Recent studies on teas and herbal tisanes indicate that the use of pesticides in tea and herb farms often results in the toxic accumulation of these elements in the flowers and tips of the plants. 

Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from accredited organic suppliers.


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All photos are by Gerry Meleady and James Tan.