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Matcha Green Tea 30g [Ceremonial Grade]

Matcha Green Tea 30g [Ceremonial Grade]

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Traditional Matcha green tea. Organic and ceremonial grade.

Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea that is made of finely ground young tea leaves. The leaves are naturally dried then carefully milled to a fine powder that is whisked in warm water and, often frothed up, before consumed.

Matcha is used in traditional tea ceremonies in Japan to encourage mindfulness, appreciation of the tea and, by extension, of the natural world. 

Generally, there are two grades in matcha: Ceremonial Grade and non-Ceremonial Grade. The difference is based on milling size, and the freshness of the tea (which is usually determined by the leave drying process and the speed and types of milling). A high quality matcha will be crafted by very slow milling process and has a finely grounded matcha powder

Ceremonial grade is crafted purely for drinking; whilst the other is for cooking. 

Our organic ceremonial grade matcha is made with organic green tea from Kagoshima region, and milled in Kyoto. It is certified by the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS).

The tea is smooth, with the scent of green forest and has a subtle sweet aftertaste.   

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