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[Black Label] Orange Pekoe Serendip Blend 40g

[Black Label] Orange Pekoe Serendip Blend 40g

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  • Only organic, non-sprayed botanical used
  • Free from additives, including flavourings, extracts and colourings. 
  • Naturally caffeinated

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Medium strength. Middle ground black tea good black, with lemon, hot or cold. 

Serendip is the ancient name for Sri Lanka. Specially sourced Ceylon black tea from micro organic tea farms from the Uva region in Sri Lanka, a renowned tea growing region. These teas are still hand-picked to prevent damages to the leaves. From the 3 unique estates in the region, we created this blend to really showcase the true flavours of Sri Lankan tea quality.

This is a house blend of 3 organic Sri Lankan orange pekoe (OP+BOP grade). This tea is medium strength with a likeness to a smoother English Breakfast. It has a smooth malty initial taste, then light citrus with a light smoke finish.


Sri Lanka (Uva Region)

Harvested period: late March 2022

Altitude: 1600m



30 cups (200mL)

Recommended Standard Brew
1. Use 1 - 1.5 teaspoons per cup (200mL)
2. Add boiling water
3. For standard strength, leave for 3.5 mins. Strong for 4 mins.
4. We recommend enjoying this tea without milk, or with a slice of lemon.


  1. Use 1-1.5 teaspoons of tea leaves per 200mL. Place leaves in a herb pouch for easy usage (or you'll need to sieve it once it is brewed).
  2. Add tea into a heat stable vessel (that you can place in fridge).
  3. Add room temperature water or 50 C water if you like tea stronger (to get 50 C, fill kettle 1/3 way, boil, then top the 2/3 kettle with room temperature water).
  4. Chill in fridge with leaves in overnight. You should see the tea change to an amber colour.
  5. TO SERVE, I recommend a tall glass with ice, pour tea over it (sieve it through if you didn't use a herb pouch). ENJOY



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