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[BLACK LABEL] Green Tea Sencha Genmaicha Blend 70g

[BLACK LABEL] Green Tea Sencha Genmaicha Blend 70g

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  • Sourced from micro tea estates. 
  • Only organic, non-sprayed botanical used
  • Free from additives, including flavourings, extracts and colourings. 

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A traditional green tea blend of sencha green tea, sourced from Kagoshima , Japan, and house-toasted brown rice and wattleseeds. Sweet, nutty frontnote with a light green tea backnote. 

Genmaicha is a "household" green tea that is a blend of sencha and roasted rice. Famous for its soft nuttiness that pairs well with fresh green notes of green tea, this tea is drunk as an every-day green tea. 

Genmaicha has a profile of roasted (almost sweet) nuttiness from the toasted rice, follow by a fresh, foresty green tea backnote. This tea has a robust aroma with a very gentle taste. Suitable to drink throughout the day and as a good meal pairing tea. 

Just make sure to brew it at a lower temperature (see brew instructions below)

Country of Origin: Japan (green tea), Brown Rice, Wattleseeds

Harvest Period: Early March 2021 (Spring)

Brewing Instructions

  1. Use 1 teaspoon per cup (220mL). 
  2. 70 Celsius water (fill kettle half-way, boil, then top with tap water). 
  3. Allow to steep for 1 - 1.5 mins the first brew, then subsequently 3-4 mins each time.
  4. This tea can be brewed 2-3 times. 

Serving Size
25 - 30 cups (of first infusions)

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