How to make the perfect cup of tea (in the office or anywhere else)

How to make the perfect cup of tea (in the office or anywhere else)

Follow our easy steps for a great brew!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that brewing the perfect cup of tea can be a challenge in the office. While our coffee cousins are usually spoiled with fancy equipment and a variety of beans to choose from, you’d be hard pressed to find a teapot in most workplaces. 

But don’t despair, because we’ve perfected the office brewing technique and we’re going to share all our secrets with you! It’s as easy as 1,2,3. 

1. Equipment 

Having the right tools makes all the difference, and the good news is that you should have nearly everything you need already in the office. Most offices will provide communal cups plus a kettle or a hot water tap. In addition to this we’d recommend using a tea infuser which you may have to provide yourself.

2. Temperature control 

Did you know that not all tea should be brewed with 100C boiling water? In fact using water that is too hot is an easy way to kill flavour. So what should you do if your tea requires 70C water but you only have a basic kettle to use? Follow our easy tips below:

  • For 80C, top kettle ½ way, boil, then top with room temperature water.
  • For 70C, top kettle ⅓ way, boil, then top with room temperature water. 

3. Use tea leaves, not bags 

For the best taste, choose loose leaf teas over teabags, especially for green, black and oolong teas.. Why you might ask? To fit the tea leaves into tea bags the leaves are often ground down to make them finer. These smaller leaves not only lose their freshness quicker but the oils within the leaves (aka flavour) also evaporate quicker leading to a weaker taste. For best results pick an infuser infuser with the LARGEST compartment for the tea leaves to “swim” in, this will allow the leaves to fully unfurl and release all their deliciousness. 

So now you know how to make the perfect cup of tea, but which teas should you be drinking at work? We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below...

For when you need a break

If you’re having a stressful day then our Flora Night tea is the perfect break companion. This blend was designed to support relaxation of the mind, body and digestion through herbs such as chamomile, lavender, fennel and valerian roots. 

For when you need to focus

Green tea is great for focusing the mind and enhancing alertness in a gentle way. Our Green Tea Formosa is the perfect for the office environment as it:

  • does not require an infuser to brew, the leaves will naturally sink to the bottom of the cup.
  • Unlike other green teas it can be made with boiling water without damaging the leaves or flavour.
  • You can rebrew the same leaves multiple times, just leave the leaves in the mug and top up with more boiling water, simple.

For when you need a boost 

Voice getting sore from all the aircon and meetings? Then our Ginger Honeybush Lemon Myrtle Tea is just the thing you need. This delicious and warming blend is great for soothing sore throats. 

Try them all on our Work Buddy Pack now!

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