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TASTER SAMPLE PACK - Health & WellBeing

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A sampler of 5 single-serving teas that are curated by our tea blender to focus on the goodness of the botanicals in each of the teas that are not only tasty but also will aid with the health and well-being.

The pack includes:

Need to focus? A combination of ginkgo leaves, olive leaves, citrus, mint and other botancials that, traditionally, have been used to focus mind, boost memory and focus. 

Need to relax? This is a blend of flowers and herbs that are designed to calm mind, aid with digestion, and relax the body. This tea is designed to be a gentle way to help wind down and sleep preparation. 

Feeling a bit down? This is our ginger tea designed to be fortifying and immune-boosting. It is strong, zesty and taste like freshly cut ginger in hot water. It is perfect when you want to sooth that sore throat, warm up the body and help with nausea. 

Are you a turmeric lover (or hater)? Being healthy should be pleasurable! This tea blend with golden liquor has the goodness of turmeric, but without all the undesirable earthiness and medicinal taste that comes with it because of the combination of peppermint, coconut and sweet spices. The tea is fresh, aromatically sweet and slightly creamy. 

We all know the benefits of green tea, but are you a green tea lover? This green tea is the gentlest green tea you'll ever taste (and the EASIEST to brew). It doesn't need any strainer, and it loooooves boiling water. Just put a teaspoon of tea leaves into a drinking vessel, add boiling water, and just drink it when the leaves sink to the bottom. The tea is smooth with a forest and floral aroma with no bitter finish. It would encourage you to drink more!

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