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Australiana Gift Set [3 Teas with Australian Botanicals + Infuser]

Australiana Gift Set [3 Teas with Australian Botanicals + Infuser]

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Need a gift idea? Why not give your love ones some handcrafted tea blends with an Australian twist that highlights the beauty of our native botanicals and how they give familiar teas a unique Australia accent?

This mini bundle includes:

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  • 3 teas blended with Australian  bush herbs - each valued at $14.90
  • One teacup infuser - valued at $17.00
  • A mystery tea sample - valued at $5

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Teas include: 
- Australian Grey: A twist of the classic Earl Grey. This is a combination of citrus, flowers, black tea and Australian botanicals, such as Strawberry Gum, that give this tea a sweet zesty, citrus profile with a hint of passion fruit. Perfect hot, and even better iced.
- Ginger, Honeybush & Lemon Myrtle: Our localised version of the classic lemon and ginger tea. This tea is punchy with a blend of strong ginger, fragrant honey-like Honeybush and zesty lemon myrtle, that makes the tea taste like you just sliced some fresh ginger into a cup. It is warmly, soothing and refreshing. 
- Spiced Tea No.6: A classic masala chai with roasted Australian wattleseeds and Myrtle leaves. This tea is rich in sweet spices mixed with a strong roasted, nutty front note and a subtle eucalyptus-aniseed finish. It’s like drinking tea in front of a campfire at night under gum trees. This is a spiced tea that is perfect with a dash of milk, and a toasted marshmallow. 
🌿 All teas are made with pure organic botanicals;
🌿 No additives, flavourings, extracts or sugars are used;
🌿 Handcrafted in Sydney. 


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