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TASTER SAMPLE PACK - Summer Soothing

TASTER SAMPLE PACK - Summer Soothing

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ARE YOU AN ICED TEA LOVER? Or just don't like the heat? We got you covered. This taster single - serving sample pack is curated with 5 extraordinary teas that can be drunk hot as per usual, but also DRUNK COLD! These teas are beautiful as they are warm, but they truly shine when chilled. Perfect for those balmy days when water won't cut it, and soft drinks are too sugary. 

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The 5 teas are:

A tea that is designed to stimulate your senses and make you feel more alert, without caffeine! This tea combines herbs like olive leaf, gingko leaf, mints and citrus to give you a herbaceous, refreshing and zesty infusion that is great both warm and cold, and even as a cocktail mixer!

WANT SOMETHING REFRESHING? Our resident cleanser tea. This tea is refreshing, easy and smooth on the palate with a subtle zesty finish. It will be the smoothest mint tea you will ever tasted, and it becomes even smoother when it's chilled. Great as a palate cleanser, or you want something hydrating on that hot Summers Day. Have it on its own with ice, or a squeeze of lime. 

A beautiful regional Japanese sencha green tea that is very low in caffeine naturally. A bit like genmaicha, a bit like matcha. It has the aroma of a green forest, burnt sugar and tropical fruits when brewed with warm water. When it's made into a cold brew, or iced tea, it becomes sweeter and the fruitiness comes out a lot more. It's a must for green tea fans, and anyone who wants to start drinking green tea. 

BEST COLD BREW! Our highest grade Sri Lankan black tea packs a bunch of flavours. This Orange Pekoe grade black tea is naturally malty with a subtle citrus note. It is medium strength without any bitterness. When made into a cold brew, the natural tea-sweetness really comes through. Great Summertime black tea. 

Fruity black tea with native botanicals that gives the tea a citrus zest, floral and passionfruit profile. When chilled the fruity notes get amplified. Great on its own with ice, or a squeeze of lemon. 

Our berry + rosella tea is BERRY BERRY FRUITY. It is tart and juicy, packed with antioxidants, and a sweetness that comes out when chilled. Great on its own, iced, but even better with a bit of carbonated water. 


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