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Sydney Tea Festival 20 August: Thank you!

Sydney Tea Festival 20 August:    Thank you!

Every year Taste KT attends Sydney Tea Festival.   It's a celebration of loose leaf tea. 

If you have a delicate nose then your senses will go into overdrive at this Festival. 

Although this festival is held in Sydney, the tea and tisanes come from all around the world, brought to you by people like us who live and breathe quality leaf, traditional making, and brews fit for royalty. 

If you love tea, please don't miss this event!    It has something for everyone, even those who don't love tea, there's plenty of delicious sweet and savoury treats, or...

A Journey of the Tea - Chai

A Journey of the Tea - Chai

When you're sitting at home, brewing your own, do you wonder about the tea journey from farm to pot?

At Taste Kaleidoscope we love to tea story tell. 

We love it so much that we renamed our chief brewer, Kuan, the tea storytelling master.    

Every week or so, we sit down and chat about tea (of course whilst we are drinking our Ginger Honeybush Tea!).

Our tea storytelling can go for hours, so to save you a little time, we thought we'd take...

Tisanes, Teas and Brews: What You Need to Know

Tisanes, Teas and Brews:     What You Need to Know

TasteKT Luxury Tea

Brewing tea for a friend is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  There’s nothing like having friends over on a cold winter’s night, brewing a pot and enjoying the aromas, cupping your mugs to keep warm and giving your taste buds a real treat. 

But what type of tea should you brew?  Organic, tisane, bagged, loose leaf, chai, or just plain green tea - the options are endless when it comes to tea.

Brewing the perfect pot depends on a few factors but, most importantly, brewing should be enjoyable and make your...